Soul Connection #3: How to Overcome the Myths and Establish the Soul Connection

Establishing the successful communication with the soul also requires overcoming erroneous expectations that literally close from us the real paths of connection.

One of those myths is that once soul communication is functioning, you have a video stream of information filling your mind with amazing revelations, or voice resolving your dilemmas, or …. you fill the blanks.

This would be nice but most of us simply don’t have the minds and souls developed enough for the intensity of communication like that. In reality our soul communicates in much more subtle ways. The blessing and the issue at the same time is that many people already do hear their soul, they, just don’t realize that. The barrier in this case is simply self-made. We are constantly receiving a lot of information beyond our five senses; however most of us simple learned to tune it out from conscious awareness.

With this in mind, carefully examine and re-evaluate the input you are receiving:

Body signals:

Body Signals are another way our soul communicates to us – we need to develop sensitivity to this non-verbal language our Neshama uses. Examples might include throat tightening or choking when saying something inappropriate at the moment, eye or hand lightly twitching (frequently right one signifies “Yes” and the left one “No” to the thought that is currently passing through your mind), or feeling of warmth lighting up in your heart. Whatever the physical signal is, it’s only important in the context of what is happening at he moment.


Frequently the sigh or indication comes as “synchronicity” – meaningful “coincidence” of events in our life, for example turning on the radio and having talk-show host to answer the question you just asked in your mind.

It’s important to distinguish those events from the superstitions they told you. Actually those superstitions might have been a part of someone’s “communication system” – it’s just they loose any meaning once they are out of context. So unless you are sure your soul picked up one of those superstitions to really consistently communicate something to you – take them easy.

I remember many years ago I had a “three-times rule” – if I get three seemingly unconnected events point to something, I’d give it a thought. Gradually I started to see if it’s meaningful with less prompting, the a “three-times rule” become a “two-times rule” and afterwards one can learn to view events as they happen with deeper realization what they mean – the repetition becomes unnecessary.

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