Soul Connection #2: How to establish the connection?

How to establish the connection with own Soul?

There are many reasons and possible answers to that question,

in this posting I will focus on one of the most fundamental reasons most of us are not connected 24/7

and suggest a practical way to deal with the situation.

Subsequent postings will look at the question from other angles.

So, Why don’t most of us by default have a connection to our Neshama?

The primary reason is that we are too absorbed in our ego-drives to hear it.

It’s hard to get rid of them immediately forever, but we can temporary shift them to “the back of our mind”.

Obviously this requires minimal control over one’s thoughts – but it can be achieved with some meditation training

(Brainwave Entrainment music can give a good start to people having trouble even initiating the practice).

If we divest ourselves from all our concerns, worries, fears, attachments and pleasures only for a few minutes, we can create an opening for our Neshama to squeeze in a thought or two into our mind :).

This approach works for some, others meditate till they turn blue, and still all they hear is silence and their own thoughts breaking in

Let’s address it in the subsequent postings.

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