Soul Connection #1: Why Connect?

Why do we want to connect to our Soul?

Most people use one or another approach for a guidance system to navigate though life.

Some use a mentor, frequently in the context of an ideology.

Still others use the internal connection, again often combined with a form of ideology.

However, no believe system can give us a GPS-like directions through life, and no mentor can do it for you either.

The question: “What do I do in this particular situation?” Is usually resolved by people either by following purely rational logical train of thought (heavily influenced by subconscious mind, which most have no idea about) or by trying to see the situation though the lenses of particular ideology, which hopefully takes more accurate picture of the reality.

The logical pathway usually doesn’t work too well, because people tend to take into account very negligible number of factors leaving out most real “situation makers” and also because the subconscious bias frequently makes a joke out of this “logic”.

Following a form of ideology that has developed solution templates might work better,

Especially if this ideology survived a few thousand years and helped it’s adherents to survive as well.

Still, too often those pathways leave us grasping for the ultimate answer to the question:

“How do I really know which decision is right?”

The great news is that we all have our own GPS with complete map of our life and almost unlimited (compare to our constricted feelings) visibility.

Our soul provides us with Divine Providence in our lives, however extent of this guidance depends on us: our actions, emotions, speech and thoughts.

How do we “turn on” the system and make it work? How do we make the connection to our soul?

We will continue in the next post.

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