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Internal workings of spiritual side of reality

Updated Guide to Counting the Omer

The most well-known and helpful companion for counting the Omer is Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s guide. Guide to Personal Freedom has been published for many years and has been very helpful for me personally in making my Omer days count. This year (2015/5775) and the next (2016/5776), we have an amazing opportunity for super-charged days of Omer: When Pesach co-insides with…

Quite a Road Block

Obstacles to achieving a Goal – what do they mean ?

Frequently we are starting an endeavor and from the start we encounter an obstacle, a strong resistance to our efforts, not even from people but from circumstances around us. Where do Obstacles come from? Are those Obstacles the Sign from Above that we are on a wrong path and should use our resources differently? Or, may be otherwise, those obstacles…

Real Simplicity can be a bit Complex

“Lo bashamaim Hee” (Devarim 30:12) – Torah “is not found in heaven” – Moshe Rabbeinu explains Jews that Torah and mitzvoth they received are very close to their everyday life and needs:
“For that (the Torah) is your life and the length of your days” (Devarim 30:20) – this is not some abstract set of rules for mythical reward and punishment – it’s very down-to-earth manual on “How to avoid shooting-yourself-in-a-leg” and live happy prosperous life if nothing more.