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Pesach Seder kosher-style

Will you have Kosher-style Seder this year?

Do we indeed leave Egypt this year or we just adorn our personal Mitzraim with a pretty Pesach theme? The picture here is the unfortunate symbol of many Seders that might be conducted this year… Kosher-style, mehadrim min mehadrim, comfortably staying in personal bondage… Untouched pyramids of slavery coated with matza… or we can really make a difference in our lives……

The Miracle of Hanukah

סֵפֶר שֶעָשָה נִסִים Compiled and written by Rav Rahmiel Drizin Hakdama – Introduction We are so fortunate to move to yet another special area in our Jewish Life cycle of organic time. For just as the Northern Hemisphere becomes its most physicallly dark, we Jews each become beacons of light, dignifying the dark with 8 nights of light, nights in…

The Tikkun of the Ben Ish Hai for Erev Rosh Hodesh – Yom Kippur Katan

Rosh Hodesh, the New Moon of the New Jewish Month, is a time of renewal, both of body

and spirit. The day before is practiced as an ancient tradition as a Yom Kippur Katan –a

mini Day of Atonement–where many fast and say prayers of penitence. It is a tremendous

opportunity to review the past month’s activities, admit one’s miss-takes, regret doing

them, and pledge to try to not repeat them in the upcoming month.