A Secret and Kabbalah Learning

What is a Secret and Kabbalah learning

We all hear about secrets – secrets of ancient wisdom, secrets of Kabbalah, people promising to open and reveal the secrets, people keeping secrets… What is the real secret of a “Secret” ?

“Secret” is not an information that is hidden by other people or circumstances – it is information which is hidden because it is not understood.

Secret is not understood because of the lacking of level or state of consciousness necessary to grasp the particular concept about the reality. This makes pure intellectual learning and analysis of deep Kabbalistic concepts completely useless. A person is getting an illusion that he is learning, however he has no ability to understand what his mind is recording.

This is one of the reasons Jewish tradition required men to master the Talmud before starting to learn the Kabbalah – they had to develop their consciousness before starting with deeper levels of Torah learning. However if they learned Gemorra mechanically, ignoring the aggadic parts (that are intertwined with legalistic material to develop the right-brain thinking), they will continue to learn the Kabbalistic material in the same way – understanding little and never being able to apply the wealth of wisdom practically.

In a similar way, Jews approaching Kabbalistic wisdom without the background of mitzvoth can’t make sense of it – it remains a secret. One needs mitzvoth to get on the level of consciousness needed to understand the Sod – fourth deepest level of Torah.

Moreover, the mitzvoth and the Torah learning must be done with the heart – when it becomes a part of you, transforms the consciousness and allows to understand the Sod.

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