Will you have Kosher-style Seder this year?

Pesach Seder kosher-style
Matza-coated Mitzraim

Do we indeed leave Egypt this year or we just adorn our personal Mitzraim with a pretty Pesach theme?
The picture here is the unfortunate symbol of many Seders that might be conducted this year… Kosher-style, mehadrim min mehadrim, comfortably staying in personal bondage… Untouched pyramids of slavery coated with matza…


we can really make a difference in our lives…

by truly changing and Leaving Egypt for Good

The choice is ours.

We can really learn how to effect the Tikkun by eating at the Pesach Seder

and look deeper into The Kabbalistic Psychology of Pesah

We can learn Pesach Korbanot, Mishnayot and Zohar

or Follow 15 Step Program The Passover Seder


We have all the tools… The Choice is OURS



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