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Pesach meditations and Learning

Pesah Week Meditations Translated and compiled by Rav Rahmiel Drizin:   Alef”Taf ; — The day of the week on which the first day (Alef) of Pesah takes place will also be the day of the week when Tisha Be’Av occurs. “With matzot and merorim (bitter articles) they should eat it” connects the matzoh of Pesah to Tisha Be’Av, a day…

Tikkun and Kavanot for “Beyn HaMetzarim” – three-week period between 17-th of Tamuz and Tisha B’Ab

The three-week period between Shiva Asar Be’Tamuz and Tisha
B’Ab is known as “Ben Ha’mesarim,” during which we observe
certain practices to mourn the destruction of the Bet Ha’mikdash.
The Arizal (Rabbi Yishak Luria, 1534-1572) wrote that it is proper
during this period for “Hasidim Ve’anshe Ma’ase” (particularly
pious and devoted people) to recite each day the “Tikun Rahel”
section of the “Tikun Hasot” prayer