Real Simplicity can be a bit Complex

“Lo bashamaim Hee” (Devarim 30:12) – Torah “is not found in heaven”

in the last book of Torah (Deuteronomy), Moshe Rabeinu tries to explain the new generation of Jewish people about to enter the Land of Israel, that all the laws and mitzvoth they received are very close to their everyday life and needs:

“For that (the Torah) is your life and the length of your days” (Devarim 30:20) – this is not some abstract set of rules for mythical reward and punishment – it’s very down-to-earth manual on “How to avoid shooting-yourself-in-a-leg” and live happy prosperous life if nothing more.

Practical Torah Spirituality is very simple (Tam in Hebrew) – simple in the sense of being harmonious, holistic truth, which can be practiced by any Jew (the principles are applicable to all people, but not all the mitzvot)

This practice doesn’t require esoteric knowledge of Kabbalah (which with all my respect became too theoretical and detached from practical application),

It only needs a simple picture of “How things work” which is developed through practice.

In a sense it requires a change of thinking (most people have dominant left brain and under-used right brain) to start perceiving things in all their totality (in parallel – right brain thinking) instead of million of separate details (serial – left brain thinking).

I try to keep the style of articles on this site short and practical – in spirit of

“Simple Torah Spirituality” –

please let me know if I’m succeeding 🙂

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