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My dear teacher Rav Yitzchak Schwartz is leaving for his US trip in less than two weeks,

re-posting his teaching topics and new projects, the Masters Track:



Dear friends,

My USA trip is only 2 weeks away [June 1-5 Cleveland, June 6-12 Maui, June 13-23 NYC] …..I tend to broaden my horizons prior to a trip, and peak into the future [even beyond the timeline of my trip], and try to explore what I’d like to be doing during the trip and afterwards….I hereby present to you the results of this exploration….I want to be able to grow—and at the same time share that growth with special people in an intense way…

I think the best way to do that, is in the context of a series of ongoing, personalized telephone sessions…..My trip could enable me to meet with interested people for one on one sessions[or possibly small groups]—to give us a taste of good things and good growth to come–though I am ready to begin now or whenever we are ready….I hope to blend text learning with tools and meditative teachings as well as personal guidance….

Though I am open to create a totally personalized track for anyone interested, I would like to suggest the following topics that I believe will be inspiring and attractive for many different types of people [and of course myself]…….The common denominator besides growth, is the idea of MASTERY—– mastering Torah and Kabbalah Text and Judaism areas in the first track , and in the other track, mastering the art of living in a way that’s beyond our present level….

If you’re interested , please email me at and we’ll work out together, all the necessary details….

and for more info about my upcoming trips , see my 3 latest facebook pages;

Kabbalah Maui or on ParadisePronciple blog

Kabbalah on maui

Kabbalah in new york



Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of the totally unique world view of our Sages , ancient and contemporary….Let’s complete sections of the Aggadata [the Homiletical part of the Talmud]….Let’s see the world as they see it with specialized texts and teachings that penetrate systematically to uncover their “Daat Torah’’[their Torah perspective way of engaging all aspects of life], until we can begin to develop Daat Torah as well…


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of the vast depth and breadth of Jewish

Mysticism….let’s learn to look through the eyes of the Mystics…let’s learn

the original texts in their abstract analogies and multi-layered technicalities, and

then together translate these texts into their holy physics formats and and then

further into their universal psycho-dynamic language—and thereby unleash the

esoteric wisdom of the Holy Zohar and the Ariza’l and the other masters of

Kabbalah, ancient and contemporary—unleash their wisdom to serve as a bridge

and a guideline for how to live all aspects of our lives in a transcendent way…


Let’s become Masters—-even mini masters, of the teachings and practices of the

Masters of Chassidut….let’s learn to see and engage the world as they do…to see

the hand of G-d pervading every detail of living…to see the wisdom of the

Kabbalah translated into the Chassidic perspective of personal growth and

transcendence…..let’s open up the [and become expert in ] the classic sources of

the Baal Shem Tov and the classic masters of the following generations up until

the present day….let’s gather together a data base, a working knowledge of the

terminologies, axioms and mindsets that will help us to see and engage the world
with the same ecstacy and purity and holiness as that of the Chassidic masters….


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of the unique wisdom that is usually

only practiced by the most elite and capable of esoteric masters—the wisdom of

identifying, translating and redeeming the vast array of wisdom that is found in

in the exile—an exile that is still very much a part of our lives, literally, spiritually,

conceptually and emotionally—-the exile-based wisdom which basically consists

of every type of knowledge , secular or otherwise,that’s found ‘out there’ in

the world……our challenge will be to find the corresponding source of this

wisdom in Torah, and then reintegrate these missing puzzle pieces into Torah—

‘bring it back home’ so to speak [a principle that’s based on the understanding

that G-d created the world based upon what is written in Torah [therefore ALL

wisdom is sourced in Torah—some of it just got exiled ]…..our work together

will be to work with the most compelling topics of the day, and compare what the

world says with what the Torah [both the mystical and revealed Torah ] has to say

—and to constantly build on this comparative base…..


Let’s become Masters—even mini masters, of Jewish observance,

the realm of Judaism that unfortunately is rejected and misunderstood by a large majority of the Jewish people…..the areas of Halacha and Mitzvoth and custom and tradition and practice, if

properly approached, with creativity and enthusiasm and meditative presence

and slow deliberate spirituality, can open up in one’s life a state of G-d

connection and rich full-bodied allness, incomparable in any similar

discipline…….let’s create that richness in our lives with a full blend of

learning and practice and mutual encouragement in a very personalized way…



Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of enlightened interpersonalizing….let’s reach out beyond our present capacities in harnessing all the incredible abundance that’s available to us if we could only properly connect to the people in our lives [as well as the abundance that we could give to others]…..let’s learn how to paradise those people in our lives—those we are intimate with, as well as our casual acquaintances, those who are difficult to get along with , as well as those who we flow with easily….let’s learn how to identify inside of ourselves, the people of our lives, and how to then heal them as well as ourselves…let’s learn how to know how to hyper focus on the redeeming trait of the people that others have given up on, and thereby transform that person into a very desirable person……let’s learn how to maximally bond with our mates and our not yet mates…..let’s learn the inner essence of love and sex and marriage and how to tap into these dimensions in the most powerful and sacred ways….let’s learn to find everyone’s special point and tap it and make us and them shine….let’s learn how to have a bliss-bliss relationship with those who are our soul-brothers and sisters [and even those who aren’t]…let’s learn how to open up the heart and the allness of others by opening up our own…..let’s create communities—communities of like-minded mystical consciousness seekers….


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of living in an extraordinary way….let’s reach out beyond our present levels—beyond what the world considers standard or normal or in the stream of things—into a level of THE BEYOND…..let’s learn how to fuse ourselves with G-d 24/7….let’s learn how to see and live life like Abraham and Sarah did, and dare to live according to our values, even when we find ourselves alone in the world….let’s learn how to think with our Soul and not just with our mind…..let’s learn how to co-create and manifest miracles in our lives as much as possible….let’s learn how to receive Divine answers at will….let’s learn how to grow to the limits of our own potentials and beyond…let’s learn how to make the impossible become possible…let’s learn how to defy nature and live in a super-natural way….


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of a futuristic consciousness—that which is beyond the scope of our lives and beyond the scope of our era—and thereby prepare ourselves and all of mankind to step into the future and to usher it in……let’s learn thoroughly, the topic of the after-life, and based on the reality of that world, create a personalized plan for living in a way that will be as synchronized as possible with our anticipated afterlives…..let’s learn thoroughly, about the consciousness that will be prevalent in Messianic times—and then become that consciousness! ….let’s become G-d’s partners in rectifying the world and returning the world to the the garden of Eden and for making the world a more G-dly place [by revealing G-d where G-d is hiding] and for bringing back the glory of our glorious people and everyone else’s glory as well


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of healing—healing everyone—ourselves and everyone else—of healing everything—healing and opening up an uninterrupted flow to the body and the soul and the psyche and our relationships and all else that makes up the human experience…..let’s learn how to live a worry free existence….let’s learn how to maximally integrate our lower soul into our lives—our inner child…..let’s learn how to heal the massive brokeness and trauma and depression that is so prevalent in our generation….let’s learn how to heal with acceptance and integrity….let’s learn how to heal with the Kabbalistic healing approaches….let’s learn how to heal with the Sefirotc Alignment Therapy approaches….let’s learn how to heal with the mind-body approaches and the life-body approaches…let’s learn how to heal with the past-life healing approaches…….


Let’s become Masters—-even mini-masters, of self actualization—of living a life that we love living and loving the life we live—-of living a life of RATZON [primal expression of our Will and our Essence]—of living our calling, our mission our purpose, our unfinished business…….let’s learn the skills, and tools required to live such a life—the tools of Ratzon, the tools of manifesting, the tools of interpreting and acting upon G-d’s constant guidance, the tools of being in a state of maximal presence and receptivity and expanded consciousness, the tools of ALL-ING, the tools of Sefirotic alignment and all the other tools and meditations and teachings and prayers needed to maximally actualize our lives…..

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