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Torah Scroll
Torah Scroll

This is Shavuot Learning Compilation
by HaRav Rachmiel Hayyim Drizin:

Dear Teachers, students, readers, friends!

Enclosed please find a veritable buffet of Shavuot treats, for the first time compiled in English to this author’s knowledge. The Torah is likened to milk, and our prayer is that the materials here are nourishing to your mind and your soul. Here we have provided:

(1) The translation of the Ben Ish Hai’s Zohar collection to be learned at the Shavuot meals;
(2) The Order of the Tikkun Leil Shavuot and intentions for Mikvah and the morning meal;
(3) The translation of the Ben Ish Hai’s Request to be said after learning the Tenakh, which sections may be repeated at the morning meal with #1 above;
(4) The translation of the 613 mitzvot read after the Tenakh sections;
(5) The Eyn Yaakov Shabbat 86-89 for Shavuot translated;
(6) The Midrash Rabbah Parshat Yitro translated; and
(7) The translations of the Zohar sections read after this, plus the original text for
-Emor 97
-Beresheet 8
-Mishpatim 122

As a brief introduction, the Ari’zal writes that one who does not sleep the night of Shavuot and toils in Torah is assured to live out the year and no harm will occur to him. Shulhan Arukh with Mishnah Brurah 494:1 There is a compilation of torah learning known as “Tikkun Lay’l Shavuot” which has the Zohar and the writings of The Ari’zal as its source, and many have the minhag to say/learn this on Shavuot night. Kaf Hachaim 106:7, Lev Dovid L’Hachidah. This compilation can be purchased at most Hebrew Book stores. We follow the Sefardic custom. Traditional Kabbalah holds that women should not say the “Tikkun Lay’l Shavuot”. However, some say that a woman who counted all the days of Sefirat Ha’omer may learn the portions of the Tikkun which are from Tanakh. S’U Rav Poalim 1SY:9, Kaf HaHaim 106:8

The 24 books of the Torah correspond to the 24 adornments we prepare for the Bride (us Jewish people) for our marriage with Gd under the Huppah (Mount Sinai) with our Ketuba (the Torah). [see below]They are listed in Isaiah 3:18-24 and are: shoe-bells, head scarves, moon-shaped ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, veils, bonnets, leg bands, hair ties, brooches, earrings, rings, nose rings, robes, shawls, kerchiefs, pouches, mirrors, linens, turbans, claps, belts, coiffure, and ornamental belt. We read a portion from each book to bedeck the Bride, which is her Tikkun–repair, hence the name Tikkun Lay’l Shavuot.

It is said that all were healed from the venom of the Garden of Eden Serpent when the Torah was received.

Guess what? The Torah is received anew every year. And if you are present and have learned the Tikkun, you have done a good start to heal yourself in the 24 areas corresponding to the 24 garments. By clothing the Bride we are healing ourselves. Even though it may not manifest externally, Kol Yisrael–the collective soul of Israel–is a very different creature after this Wednesday morn.

Blessings on a night of renewed Torah: the Torah of the body, the Torah of the mind, the Torah of the soul.

For the elevation of the soul of my father Shmuel ben Mosheh Yaakov, the complete healing of body and soul for Devorah Ester Bat Hayyah, and the Yom Huledet Samayah (Shavuot) of Malkah Ester bat Rivka.

Rahmiel Hayyim Drizin
Sivan 5770

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