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The Gates of Reincarnation

Sefer Yitgaber KeAri in honor of the Holy Arizal, whose Yahrtzeit 5 Av, July 15th 2010

Sefer Yitgaber KeAri, a compilation of the all-night study for next Thursday night, 5 Av, July 15th, in honor of the Holy Arizal, whose Yahrtzeit is that night and the Friday that follows. It is a translation of about 90% of the material found in the Tikkun 5 Av prepared by the Ben Ish Hai.

The Tikkun of the Ben Ish Hai for Erev Rosh Hodesh – Yom Kippur Katan

Rosh Hodesh, the New Moon of the New Jewish Month, is a time of renewal, both of body

and spirit. The day before is practiced as an ancient tradition as a Yom Kippur Katan –a

mini Day of Atonement–where many fast and say prayers of penitence. It is a tremendous

opportunity to review the past month’s activities, admit one’s miss-takes, regret doing

them, and pledge to try to not repeat them in the upcoming month.